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A special co-host and a deep dive into all things audiogram and clip sharing of your show. What works? Which one is a strategic marketing choice and which one is for your listener? Elsie shares the number one functionality that needs to be part of all clip sharing features for them to really impact podcasting. Oh! And the She Podcasts Team is working in Notion, so it's time to geek out.


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Episode Recap: length 1:07:07

  • Jess is out and we have another co-host! The amazing Jen Edds
  • We shared the shownotes via the Notes App so we could all collaborate, that was a new way to do things
  • Some behind the scenes on how Team She Podcasts records, and thus we add yet another app called
  • Elsie's 'very aggressive' Wavve
  • 10:50 NEWS
  • Libsyn adds a new Destination for RADIO.COM
  • NOTE: it's US only and App only
  • Why it's so important for us to be where people already are
  • Y'all there is Castro App clip sharing! And Elsie dives way into how to use it
  • Jen shares how as a producer it's easy to share, but it's even more important for the listener
  • The difference between being able to share an audio clip from a podcast app and an audio clip service like Wavve
  • A bit of info on how the iTunes and Apple Podcasts works in different countries' rankings and reviews
  • Share your experience in using Chartable
  • 30:44 TOOL TIPS
  • Overcast clip sharing feature and why it's such a game changer!
  • Elsie shares some insane data on how one tweet from Overcast could directly influence podcast downloads
  • Elsie's plea to all podcast app developers adding clip sharing and what needs to happen with that feature in order for the sharing to really help grow podcasting
  • What is Notion, why John thinks it's terrifying and why Elsie and Jess are blissing out
  • Elsie goes off for quite a while on how excited she is about Notion. For maybe a little bit too long
  • Updates on She Podcasts Live and Patreon!




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