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In this episode of She Podcasts we dive into all the different kinds of donation models or monetization models.

We look into what’s being done in the podosphere at the moment as well as ponder about what would be best for us to do…or if we should have a way to receive donations.

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Show 006 Quick-Guide

  • Hot topic - donations? Whaddaya think?
  • The No Agenda donation break down - coolest thing ever - the listeners are the producers
  • Daily Tech News Show - The Patreon model
  • The subscription model: Marc Maron + Keith and the Girl
  • The kickstarted model - with some examples
  • The subscription + magazine model - Screencasts Online
  • The issues that arise when you ‘run your own thing’
  • How do you get over the something for nothing
  • The extra bonus content model - GTR
  • Let’s pontificate on what we want to do with the She Podcasts podcast? Donations? Yeah or nay?
  • The traveling yogini money maker - Tranquility Du Jour and Kimberly Wilson


Post your donation page! What are you doing in terms of donations?

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