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FYI - EXPLICIT TAG - the b-word is said towards the end

Show 009 Quick-Guide

  • Do you wanna lollipop - how a Mama can podcast
  • The story of the first time Jess met Elsie in real life
  • Elsie’s online habits
  • The scoop on the She Podcasts t-shirts!
  • The story of the possible unqualified guest - when the guest is not compatible with your audience - what to do! #holycow
  • Jess might just change her workflow…
  • Is following your gut a good way to know yes or no?
  • Be honest and keep it real.
  • Elsie’s Catholic guilt comes out - yes I know - issue 29:10 bleep
  • Jessica’s breakdown of types of interviews - so boring you can’t see straight interview, the all you do is sell interview, trying to read pre-written answers interview
  • When Elsie has not published episodes for Elsie’s yoga class
  • What do you tell the person when you are not going to use their show? Natalie what’s your perspective?
  • Your interviewee wants to re-record - what to do?
  • When you are doing interviews you open yourself up to the opportunists
  • Upholding your reputation
  • If the story doesn’t match the reader you don’t print!


  • What are your standards for interviews?
  • What do you do when you record a crappy show or a crappy episode? Publish or no publish?
  • What do you do when an interview sucks?
  • How do you tell them you’re not going to air the show?

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