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Show 020 Quick-Guide

  • Our first audio feedback from Annise from the Back to Us Radio Network!
  • Creative way of doing a podcast network: having many different shows under one feed.
  • Jessica discusses Howard Stern - again - and how heis actually business minded.
  • The wonderful way Sunny Gault is running her New Mommy Media Network
  • Jess changes her format for her Lady Business Radio from interview to solo - once in a while.
  • When you have a podcast with an advertising they are paying for expectation/exposure, so you need to make sure you deliver.
  • We discuss the negative impact of having advertisers and sponsors for you show.
  • And we have a rant from Jessica…a kind of preview of what her solo shows are about.
  • How do you know if your podcast experiment is working?
  • Experimenting for Jess is about seeing a trend and jumping on it.
  • The listener guilt does exist.
  • Your first experience of media: music, movies, T.V. shows, games, etc. is HUGE. Imprinted in your consciousness. You have so much power over younger audiences.
  • Are teenagers listening to podcasts?
  • What if your experiment became the show? How would you know?
  • If you can take as much friction from the capturing of ideas, that’s the easiest way to follow through on what you want to create - wisdom via Elsie
  • Every body has their own workflow - do what works for you in conjuction with those that you work with.
  • Do you have a back-up plan set up for when life gets in the way and you cannot publish.


How are you preparing when things don’t work out?

Do you have a workflow that you’ve been loving?

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