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Show 021 Quick-Guide

  • Peanuts are angry. Almonds are happy nuts.
  • Discussion of learning to love criticism.
  • And Chelsea Handler comes into the conversation.
  • Being nice keeps criticism at bay? But what’s the pay-off?
  • The problem with giving feedback on someone’s personality…
  • We have a small commercial break without a commercial so Jess can answer the door.
  • People don’t listen to podcasts because they could not own property - wait - what?
  • Does psychology and cultural mind-set play in women stepping into new technologies?
  • Sons of Anarchy and women’s podcasting power.
  • Breaking through cutural mindsets and psychological obstacles as women dealing with tech.
  • It’s our responsibility to start to shift perpectives through the conversations that have.


  1. Education - people still don’t know what it is.
  2. Tech adverse/ignorance.
  3. Love routine - they stick to what they know - can’t be bothered.
  4. Value people’s opinions - we tend to do what our friends tell us more - and our friends don’t really share too many podcasts


Why do YOU think there aren’t more women listening to podcasts?

What’s prevented you from listening to a podcast? Ladies, ask other women.

Why DO you listen to podcasts ladies?

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