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Show 022 Quick-Guide

  • Jessica has a cool idea for a Halloween costume
  • Who would want to inhale?
  • Elsie does not like Halloween. FYI.
  • Holiday themed shows and the like. It’s time.
  • Jess shares her holiday production schedule.
  • What can you do to prepare for the year.
  • Elsie shares last year’s end of the year production schedule.
  • How to plan for your end of the year production schedule.
  • Making sure that you end the year even more focused than when you started it.
  • You CAN make really great holiday shows for any kind of podcast.
  • Jess & Elsie do a little She Podcaster Directory impromptu brain-storm for holiday episodes - random shows are chosen! Was yours one?
  • Pivotal advice from Jessica about the holidays and it involves shiny things.
  • A hands on workshop from Elsie for the holidays!!!

Elsie’s Tips for The Holidays (condensed)

  1. Reconnect with your why
  2. Podcast growth = foundation = connection
  3. Gratitude fuels


What’s up for the holidays for you? Have you planned?

Why are you podcast?

What is your definition of podcast success?

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