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Show 026 Quick-Guide

  • Welcome Espree Devora!
  • The story of a beginner podcaster who finds out podcasting is IT.
  • Does podcasting have a reputation that you cannot make money directly from podcasting?
  • What does it really take to build a business where your podcast IS the business?
  • LOVE as a key factor in podcasting as a business.
  • A conversation about the crazy-ness of what’s going on with the podcast “Serial” and the crazy phenomenon.
  • Society is ready for podcasting now - and it manifested itself via Serial.
  • A bit of wisdom from a new podcast trendsetter via Donna Papacosta.
  • What are the factors that have driven podcasting into the main stream media.
  • We need to teach our audience how to subscribe and/or listen to our podcasts - all the different ways that you can do it.
  • Espree’s podcast distribution strategy, which includes Stitcher, Soundcloud and iTunes, and how she uses each.
  • The theory of engagement in a podcast: plot, authentic emotion, companionship.
  • Espree got Alex Blumberg to introduce her podcast!!!
  • There are no rules for podcasting, peeps. You make the rules.
  • Espree has a challenge! Who do you want to meet? Why? And why it would be mutually beneficial for BOTH of you.
  • Alex Blumberg is on the show - by proxy ;)
  • @hunterwalk’s tweet about “Tech industry discovers podcasting!”
  • “Is podcasting going to be a hits-driven business, or can you make a business out of having moderate successes?”
  • Community is SO important. And whether it’s financially viable is yet to be proven.
  • Elsie does not want the definition of success in podcasting to be tied to download numbers - a paradigm needs to be changed.
  • Elsie found Espree on Medium and stalked her and now she’s here and part of the community.
  • The scoop on the awesomeness of WeAreLATech.


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