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Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Yeay for goat enclosures! Of course our baby goat update
  • Elsie’s goats don’t like backsplash
  • Great things are happening in early February!
  • Podfest is here and we want to work with YOU. Get off your butts and reach out to us. DO IT, NOW
  • Jess asked Elsie for some help in roasting Dave Jackson and it was a giant #fail - she sucks at it
  • And words for vagina 🙄
    • Apple sent an email and some folks are learning for the first time that Apple has podcast analytics, Apple Podcasts badges and new feed tags
    • Specification updates? OH! The iTunes new feed tags that were announced summer 2017
    • It is really, really hard to get someone to change how they refer to something
    • The software formerly know as iTunes is born!
    • The main problem is that the general new podcaster has no idea what these things are or what they are called?
    • John has THE answer of how to get ALL podcasters to use Apple Podcasts STAT
    • There are a lot of new listeners and podcasters that haven’t really ever dealt with iTunes
    • Podcast Movement is our sponsor and why you should attend!!!
    • The Wondery ask - Jess asks Elsie and John about a new way of advertising a new show
    • Some great conversation about monetization for podcasters and opportunities coming your way
    • What are the questions you need to ask if things fit in your show or not?
    • You never know what can come from saying “yes”
    • Generally speaking: smaller podcasts are much more challenging to deal with than larger ones
    • Random realization about our 200th show, a la Jessica 😁
  • 1:05:54 TOOL TIPS
    • Instagram is allowing you to schedule posts for business accounts now!!!!
    • Elsie’s experience in posting on Instagram, in the past

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