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Super Quick Re-cap! Length:

  • Jess is going to Sound Education at Harvard!
  • And John and Elsie try to talk Jess out of getting eyelash extensions
  • How do you dress at Harvard? YOU DRESS LIKE YOURSELF!
  • 11:27 NEWS
  • Daniel Lewis from The Audacity To Podcast’s podcast was taken down! On purpose!
  • And YET AGAIN we discuss Apple Podcasts and podcast being taken down. When will it end.
  • Has podcasting become a mess?
  • Who’s to say what’s right or wrong in podcasting?
  • You guys, podcasting is hard
  • Is there an online business manager for podcasts? And cheap
  • When you do have someone else doing all the things and all you do is record then you don’t establish the dialogue
  • iHeartRadio has Podcast Awards. Yep. They totally do
  • iHeart is like the Christopher Columbus of podcasting
  • Elsie is on the board of directors for The Podcast Business Journal
  • 43:37 TOOL TIPS
  • Audioburst
  • Do you have a big podcast blunder story? Send it to us!

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