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Super Quick Re-cap! Length: 54:01

  • Catching up about Thanksgiving with Elsie
  • Where in the world is Elsie? In a hallway and she has a new mic
  • Folks, get right on your mic!
  • Jess checks in with her Thanksgiving and how she can’t remember
  • Jess’s new work process and you guys, she’s open to answering all your questions from Podcast Websites
  • 12:18 Text Expander Promo!
  • Podcasters Gift Guide!
    • Auphonic, baby!
    • An editor (the most requested ‘gift’)
    • An incredibly insightful marketing and strategy team member
    • An SEO, copyrighter person
    • Someone to clean up and do your laundry
    • Trello Business
    • A boom arm
    • Acoustic foam
    • Quiet spaces
    • Microphone training
  • Elsie and Jess the random gifts
    • Narwhal Slippers
    • Comfy underwear
    • Corksicle drinking mugs and water bottles
    • Notebooks and pens
    • Luxe Acrylic
    • Silk sleep mask
    • Alpaca legwarmers
    • Space heater

Links mentioned by Elsie and Jess!

Podcasters mentioned on the show!

  • Emily Prokop from The Story Behind & E Podcast Productions
  • Nutty Nuchtchas from Nutty Bites & Beyond the Wall
  • Sara- Mae Tucson from The Sugar Baby Confessionals
  • Sherry Eckert from Titanium Blond Talks
  • Stacey Simms from Diabetes Connections
  • Annie Sargent from the Join Us In France Travel Podcast
  • Lena Gothberg the Shipping Podcast
  • Jerri Williams from FBI Retired Case File Review
  • Anna Hithersay from The Post Party Podcast
  • Jen Hardy from The Sick Mom’s Guide
  • Espree Devora from Women in Tech
  • Traci DeForge from Journey To There and Produce Your Podcast
  • Joan Patrie from Strandgeist
  • Melissa Davis from The Mac Mommy
  • Becket Graham from The History Chicks
  • Liz Covart from Ben Franklin’s World
  • Gabby Tangassi from
  • Civilla Morgan from Childless Not By Choice
  • Carrie Arick from Ya Ya Podcasting
  • Jeni Stottrup from Gritty Birds

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