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Covering the Call Her Daddy 60 million deal with Spotify, Facebook podcasts, live Audio Rooms, and new FB Group Admin tools. Then it’s Spotify buying Podz and launching Greenroom. Lastly, so much emotion about Elsie rushing and why social media is driving Jess bonkers.

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  • Colds for Father’s Day #awesome

  • 4:35 The awesome international women’s podcast awards! #sponsor Nominate. Nominate. Nominate!

  • 7:22 NEWS!

  • Call Her Daddy scored a 60 million dollar deal!

  • 10:45 Facebook has launched podcasts, which we’ve yet to see ourselves

  • Jess does a quick walk-through of a Facebook Page (sorry, if you were with us live you could have seen)

  • Audio rooms are currently only available in mobile

  • 16:20 Zuckerberg tested out the Audio Rooms and it seems to have sucked

  • And FB also rolled out new tools for Group Admins

  • 23:47 Have you tried PodPage? #sponsor. It gives podcasters the ability to create a beautiful podcast website in five minutes

  • Spotify acquired Podz a podcast discovery platform

  • Jess calls Elsie out for being super speedy

  • Elsie transferred her panic into Jess

  • 32:46 Back to Spotify acquiring Podz

  • “Let them buy everything in sight; I don’t care. Let them just plow through, like a lawn mower, just eating up little podcast companies” -Jess

  • Spotify now has Greenroom, the Clubhouse competitor

  • Jess goes off on ALLLLLLLL the places to post

  • Do we hate social media because we’re older or because we’re over it


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