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Jennifer, the She Podcasts Live Event Coordinator, joins us as guest!  Jen shares all the details about how beautiful and unique the She Podcast’s Live experience will be. Plus, N’Jeri Eaton leaving Apple Podcasts, iHeart launching a mentoring initiative program, The Story Seeds Podcast Mini-Camp, and fun tool tips!

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  • Our amazing guest today is Jennifer! The She Podcasts Live event planner!

  • Elsie did nothing related to the 4th of July

  • Elsie can’t get rid of the fleas in her home. John passionately recommends an exterminator.

  • Jess is sad she didn’t make plans to go to the beach on 4th of July like she does every year.

  • 8:43 She Podcasts Live talk!!!!!! “Get ready to be ensconced in lovelyness” - Jennifer

  • “I’ll tell you this ladies and gentlemen, no conference in our industry will look the way ours will look. You have never seen anything before like it, you will never see anything after like it. That’s how cool it’s gonna be.” - Jess

  • Elsie’s first Disney analogy

  • “We want people who are attending to feel nurtured and taken care of, and like they’re having a spa experience that is just bettering them” - Jennifer

  • First round of speakers have been confirmed for She Podcasts live.

  • Elsie has left the country and traveled to other countries

  • 21:45 Podpage is AAAAhhhhmazing #sponsor

  • 23:30 NEWS

  • N’Jeri Eaton is leaving Apple Podcasts!

  • Elsie’s second Disney analogy

  • iHeart launches a mentoring initiative to bring diverse new creators into podcasting. A move geared to help bring more up and coming and underrepresented creators into podcasting.

  • Elsie signed up her kids for a podcasting camp!

  • 39:40 Swell! #sponsor

  • 40:50 Tool Tips!

  • Edison Research created an awesome survey template! And why it’s important

  • The Latino Podcaster Listener Report is coming up next week and it’s amazing!!!!

  • Facebook audio rooms are iOS users, people in the US, verified personal profiles, select groups, and for pages that are using the new Facebook Pages experience only.

  • Tik Tok is expanding the maximum video links to three minutes up from 60 seconds.


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