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Show 018 Quick-Guide

  • The low-down of the Start-Up Podcast - award winning audio producer turns entrepreneur and wants to create a podcast network.
  • “It’s all business, none of it has to do with talent” said Jess - oh yes she did!
  • Don’t be shy if you’re good and SELL IT!
  • Is long form content risky? (30+ minute podcast)
  • It is our responsibility to make sure those that we are pitching to get our business - time to educate people.
  • Have your counter-arguements ready - what are th e buts that you get to your pitch?
  • Explore. Test. Play.
  • Is your podcast solely relyant on iTunes and Google?
  • Jess preaches a bit on the history of advertising.
  • For profit vs non-profit and making money.
  • Jess has supersonic spontanous arguementativeness, which is why we love her.
  • Build your skills to think on your feet and why it’s so important.
  • You not only need to break through mindset issues but mouth issues - you’re gonna have to listen to know what that is.
  • When is an idea only good in your head? Like threesomes….Jess shares her insight. OMG.
  • In order for a network to be successful there needs to be EXCLUSIVITY - if not it’s more like affiliation.
  • Breaking down what makes podcast networks WORK.
  • What style of network should you avoid at all costs.


How is your podcast breaking new ground? Back it up yo!

Have you considered doing a podcast network? What has stopped you?

Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!

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