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Super Quick Re-cap Interview Re-cap!

  • When interviewing a police officer you gotta always have your police officer hat on
  • Separating online personality vs private personality: eliminate the inquisitiveness
  • Don’t be a mystery, put it out there
  • How the law enforcement agencies have had to adjust to social media and their public faces
  • What made Officer Bires interested interested in social media and his baptism by fire into social media
  • How does a police officer decide to build websites?
  • Holy cow! He teaches other law enforcement professionals how to do this social media thing!
  • How to navigate what you say and behave on social while representing your company
  • Breaking: there are people that do not like the cops
  • What do you call the haters? Trolling? Cyber bullying? Freedom of speech? Hate speech?
  • As a government agency, the social media pages profiles of Law Enforcement Agencies belong to the people, and that poses very interesting protocols
  • A brief description of cyber-bullying for individuals and companies, and how engagement comes into play
  • You go two rounds with people, that is all.
  • Bullying people IRL there are wedgies and squirlies involved, how do you handle it in the cyberworld?
  • It’s in the public conversation that we can shift public perception of the trolls and cyber bullying
  • Personal side of cyber bullying: do not engage
  • Some insight into state-side cyber bullying laws
  • Prosecuting across state lines, you had no idea we’d be going there right?
  • “So, when will the police be ready?” remember that people!
  • And Jess asks, when does law enforcement turn from a cop to a guidance counselor
  • Let’s talk about Kim Kardashian and was she being unsafe
  • Tips for online safety
    • Do a google search on your name
    • Do not become a creature of habit
    • Turn off your GPS settings on your phone peeps!
    • You have to pick your head up
  • How and to stay safe at online events!
  • Steps to take when you have creepers after you
  • How Officer Bires is using podcasting to serve the law enforcement community
  • There are some crazy creepy sites out there that have a ton of information on YOU that you don’t even know!
  • A super cool series on privacy by

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