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Show 005 Quick-Guide

  • Elsie’s rookie audio mistakes on She Podcast episodes 1 to 4
  • When is audio good enough and when is content king?
  • How much do you listen to your audience and how much do they influence your podcast content for the better?
  • Starting a Facebook Group for your podcast - this is a super conversation
  • When you DON’T do what your audience requests of you, and why doing what works for you at times is more important.
  • Having your audience be a huge part of your content.
  • How putting yourself in the position of your audience can help you develop your community


Have you done what your audience says? Have you NOT listened to your audience? Have you mined the wisdom of the your audience’s hive mind.


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Show 004 Quick-Guide

  • What we’ve seen has been the most effective for marketing a podcast
  • When you promote, do you know where your listeners are coming from?
  • Jessica’s promotion workflow for Lady Business Radio
  • Elsie’s promotion workflow for Libsyn’s The Feed
  • Promoting your podcast BEYOND social media
  • Is a dedicated podcast app worth it?
  • Being interviewed on podcasts is a great way to promote the show - easier point of entry!
  • Promoting other people’s podcast - do you do it?
  • Elsie’s super stellar ways of getting feedback and growing your audience
  • What exactly do you want from your marketing? engagement or growth or???


What was your most effective means of marketing your podcast? What has worked or hasn’t worked? What causes you to take action with a podcaster? What drives you to leave a comment, respond in a group, or leave us feedback?


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Show 003 Quick-Guide

  • What if your podcast was removed from iTunes do to copyright infringement?
  • Should have podcasters known better than to use other people’s logos?
  • The unrealistic expectations of podcasting
  • What does it take for your podcast to live up to expectations
  • You cannot boss your podcast listeners around
  • The way people listen to your podcasts matter in how they take action with you
  • What exactly are the time expectations in producing a podcast
  • Breaking down podcasting resources: time vs money
  • Options to outsourcing - should you outsource?


Do you think they should have known better?

What takes you the longest to do for your podcast? shownotes, editing, promotion, etc?

Are you willing to invest time and/or money?

Is podcasting an experiment for you? OR is it your thing?


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